Swathi Young

Technology Council Member @ Forbes

Virtual (Hopin): 9th - 13th November

Swathi Young is a keynote speaker, blogger, community-builder and Chief Technology Officer of Integrity Management Services Inc., a healthcare services company, where she is leading innovative AI solutions for clients. In her 20+ years of technology experience, she has led over 100+ projects globally – Belgium, India and the United States across a number of Fortune 100 companies like GE and Oracle.

Swathi is passionate about using cutting edge, artificial intelligence technologies to increase the performance of organizations. She believes that the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and humanities is important to focus on as we lay the foundation of AI applications for future generations. She is the Washington DC Ambassador for Women in AI, an international non-profit organization whose goal is to increase diversity in the field of AI.

She is also the founder of DC Emerging technologies, a 2000+ member community in Washington DC whose goal is to equip innovators with the knowledge and resources they need to turn theory into applications with emerging technologies. She recently co-authored the AI Playbook, a framework to help US government to implement AI solutions. She is a member of the 2020 Forbes Technology Council.


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