Neil Salmon

President and General Manager @ Ansell

Virtual (Hopin): 9th - 13th November

Neil is President of the Industrial Division of Ansell Ltd. Ansell is a world leader in hand and body Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), with the industrial division responsible for bringing safety solutions to industrial workplaces.

Ansell has a strong presence on Humberside with its Chemical Business Unit headquartered in Willerby. Working in partnership with Hull University and other institutions globally we conduct world leading research into chemical and biological hazards that workers are exposed to, help safety managers understand these risks and then design and manufacture leading personal protection solutions. These products have been a critical component of the world’s response to the SARS CoV2 pandemic.

Ansell is also a pioneer in the field of Connected PPE. We have several products under development combining the physical protection of PPE with safety information solutions. These products also provide solutions to workplaces addressing issues of social distancing and contact tracing.

Neil was born in the UK and spent the first 17 years of his career with Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) primarily in finance roles based in the UK, South Africa, the US and Singapore. After ICI he served as Chief Financial Officer of Innophos, and then spent five years as Ansell’s CFO, before taking on his current role 18 months ago.  He is based in Brussels, Belgium



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