Helen Roberts

People Consultant & Coach

Virtual (Hopin): 9th - 13th November

Helen is a former HR Director with over 25 years people experience. With previous roles at KCOM and BT, she’s passionate about all things people, but particularly helping leaders and teams find and reach their true potential.

She often refers to the 10,000 hour rule, if you practise something for 10,000 hours you’ll be an expert at it. Well she’s been “practising” people and leadership for four times that, and is still practising! By her own admission, Helen will say she’s failed as many times as she’s succeeded but strongly believes in the mantra of progress not perfection and what we learn with pleasure we never forget.

Her stories and contagious enthusiasm offer insight and inspiration as to what could work for you and your organisation and ultimately how you can leverage these to make a real difference not just to your business but also yourself.


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